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Message for Students on E-Contact Classes

My dear Students,

I wish you very safe stay and good health during this period. Remember there is nothing to panic about. Being aware and taking precautions will do the trick. Therefore, please do take all precautions to ensure that together we beat the COVID-19.

To cater for minimum academic loss during the suspension of classes, e-Contact Classes have been planned for you. Following procedure will be adopted for the successful implementation of the same.


  • All academic HsoD will ensure that a special email and Whatsapp group of each class of each batch is made which will be used for the purpose.
  • The faculty will post necessary digital material, links, presentations, notes etc along with a quiz test/ assignment for each class to the student groups as per the already issued time table.
  • Suitable digital content for the Practical’s will also be generated and shared with students.
  • Students will be required to go through the material and submit the answers/ assignments duly completed within 48 hours of each class to the faculty by email.
  • The submission will be counted for granting them the attendance as well as internal marks. Late submissions will not fetch any marks or attendance.
  • HoD will conduct a weekly meeting with all faculty members to monitor the progress and take any mid-course corrections, where needed.
  • Students will ensure regular logging in to check for the digital content for each scheduled class.
  • Faculty will ensure to post updated and high quality content only to the students.
  • Online doubt class will be organized by each faculty member twice a week for which students will be sent advance intimation by the concerned faculty. Google Classroom/ Zoom app can be utilized for the same purpose. It will be responsibility of each faculty and student to acquaint them with the app and use the ICT tool efficiently.


You are required to proactively adopt the system, so that the syllabus can be covered effectively.


Wishing you and your family members the best of health and happiness.


Major General (Dr) GS Lamba, VSM (Veteran)