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Sponsored Research Projects

Name of the Project/ Endowments, Chairs Name of the Principal Investigator/Co-investigator Department of Principal Investigator Year of Award Amount Sanctioned Duration of project Name of Funding Agency Type
Developing Routing and Channel Allocation technique in Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks Dr .Hardeep Singh Reyat/ Dr. Jatinder Singh Saini ECE 2013-15 Rs. 8,00,000/- Two Years AICTE Government
Nano-composite Coatings to Control Erosion of Boiler Tubes of Steam Generating Plant Dr. Niraj Bala Mechanical  2013-16 Rs. 24,85,000/- Three years  DST, New Delhi Government
Design and Development of Magnesium Matrix Composites by Stir Casting Technique Dr. Niraj Bala/Dr. Amandeep Singh Mechanical  2013-16 Rs. 21,90,000/- Three years AICTE New Delhi Government
SEED/TIDE project – Study and Development of SEMG Based Exoskeleton Knee Dr. HS Ryait ECE 2014-2017 Rs. 32,73,631 Three years DST, New Delhi Government
Heliostat based Solar Park (Heating and Generation Combined Dr. HS Ryait/ Prof. RS Uppal ECE 2015-18 Rs. 9,19,844 Three years DST,New Delhi Government
“Development of Thermal Spray Coatings to Control Wear during High-Temperature Applications- Phase II Dr. Manpreet Kaur Mechanical  2016-18 Rs. 31,84,500/- Three years DST,New Delhi Government
Portable Solar Powered Thermoelectric Refrigerator cum Heater Dr. Niraj Bala/ Er. Birdavinder Singh Mechanical 2017 Rs. 50,000/ One year IEI Non-Government