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Institutional Values and Best Practices


 The objective of Mentor-Mentee practice is to establish a trusted relationship between the mentor (faculty in-charge) and mentee (student), so as to help the mentee attain his/her aims by:

  • building and supporting effective relationship
  • providing objective guidance and feedback and
  • facilitating reflective thinking.

It is a formative process with an objective to support students to positively and productively align their knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired during course of their education.  It is therefore a process where in a mentee is continually guided and supported to develop confidence, capabilities and compete in their profession. Mentors act as guide by sharing their experiences of challenges and assertions required to progress through personal and professional life to reduce anxiety or concerns and act as role models for students. The mentor acts as a ‘Single Point of Contact’ for parents on all matters. They fulfil their function through formal and informal interaction with their student mentees at various opportunities.

Mentor-Mentee System from 2014-2022

Mentor-Mentee System from July 2022-June 2023


The objective of PEP is to provide in-campus online and offline personality enhancement program with a motive to holistically train the budding engineers and professionals through unique activity based experiential training program, awareness of different competitive / entrance exams, and to promote industrial tie-ups to bridge the industry-academia gap.

The program is developed to provide best of technological grooming of students and inculcate soft skills, aptitude training, logical reasoning, technical workshop, entrepreneurship initiatives, GATE workshops, industrial visits & interactions and social responsibility aspects so that students can improve their employability and life skills.

PEP Sessions


The objective of PDP is to provide in-campus online and offline personality Development  Program. This programme provides a Space for the students to know themselves (know thyself) better and shape their personality with positive traits and multiple intelligence. The central focus of this formation programme is intra-personal development. The students will undergo intellectual and values-centered formation through which they will be able to: identify their own potentials and limitations; apply ethical and moral principles in personal and professional forefronts; and develop a positive outlook towards humanity.

PDP Course File


The distinctiveness of BBSBEC primarily consists in creating student centric research environment.  The college encourages, handhold and provide requisite facilities and environment to the students towards research and innovation practices.

To develop scholarly traits, institute encourages the research induction at UG, PG and post PG level. For incubating research environment, a well equipped research centre has been established and operative in the college. The Research Centre functions in a cooperative manner with academic departments to identify and initiate foundational multi-disciplinary research and applied research projects, create and combine patentable Intellectual Property (IP) components, design and develop prototypes. The faculty of the college not only provides guidance to the students but also work in collaborative manner with them to provide platform to the budding researchers. The outcome of the same has come up in the form of collaborative patents, research publications, making and representing models at IITs and NITs.


Placement Data from 2011 – 2022

Placement Data of  July 2022 – June 2023


Workshop News for the Year July 2022-June 2023

Industrial tie-ups (MOU’s)

Industrial tie-ups (MOU’S)


Industrial Visits