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SC/ST Grievance Redressal

BBSBEC yearns for inclusiveness of people from all strata of life and people from all communities. The college was setup in 1993 to serve exactly this purpose. BBSBEC places its faith in its staff and students and expects that nobody will be discriminated on the basis of ones Caste or Social Status, inside the college campus. Still if something of this nature happens inside campus, then, the college has got a very effective Grievance Redressal mechanism in place. A high level committee has been setup to look into the complaints/problems being faced by the members of SC/ST community.

The following committee is re-constituted to redress any grievance of staff/students belonging to SC/ST community:

  1. Dr. Pardeep Kaur, Applied Sciences
  2. Dr. Mandeep Kaur, ECE
  3. Prof. Navneet Kaur Panag, EE
  4. Prof. Karamjit Singh, ECE
  5. Sh. Sushil Kumar, Sr. Lab Tech. ECE