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Research and Innovation Center

Research and innovation contributes directly to our level of prosperity, success and to overall welfare of individuals and society in general.The role of Research and Innovation center is to provide end-to-end services which facilitate and provide support at all stages of research and innovation development conducted at the institute.

The research and innovation center established at BBSBEC caters to the needs of the research and innovation of the faculty members pursuing further research and to the students doing project work. The center is a hub for new technologies and to bring together innovative ideas. The center focuses on project developments, combining research results and up-to date technology achievements.

Dr. Manpreet Kaur

(HoD Research and Innovation Center)

Research facilities available:

As an initiative the research and innovation center is a multidisciplinary center consisting of state of the art research facilities. Some of the facilities available at the institute are:

  • Network Specialization Research and Innovation lab
  • Surface Characterization Research and Innovation lab
  • Wireless Sensor Network Research and Innovation lab
  • Casting Technology Research and Innovation lab
  • High Temperature Erosion Testing Research and Innovation lab
  • Simulation and Measurement Research and Innovation lab
  • Virtual Instrumentation Research and Innovation lab
  • Structural Analysis and CFD Research and Innovation lab

Glimpse in to the flow of ideas to its completion

The steps involved in the start of new project are:

  • An IDEA: Like any new invention the first and foremost part is an IDEA. Innovative ideas for resolution of any practical problem are invited from one and all.
  • A committee of Deans and Heads of Department would examine the idea and feasibility of its meeting the identified problem.
  • Categorization of the idea:The idea is categorized into the three given categories:

(a) Whether the idea is implementable in the existing resources of the college;

(b) The idea needs collation of internal and external resources;

(c) With the help of external resources;

  • FEASIBILITY STUDY: All the aspects whether the project is feasible or not are checked and studied in detail. The industrial and practical applications of the project are studied.
  • ACTION PLAN: The methodology to be adopted for the project work is laid out and action plan is drawn.
  • BUDEGTING: Budget for the project is laid down. The budget can be provided internally through scheme launched by the institute as well as the resources to be asked from external agencies.
  • Monitoring and regular review of the project.
  • Production of laboratory model and testing.
  • Feasibility of patenting.
  • If required production of the part (project) with the help of industry.