To evolve as an eminent Centre of Learning with total commitment to provide career focused technical training aimed at excellence in interdisciplinary education, research and innovation in order to produce socially responsible and synergetic leaders with a global profile.


The Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College seeks to enrich the academic experience of students to help them meet the evolving needs of society. We aspire to realise our vision as follows:

• Conduct UG programs that integrate global awareness, communication skills and team building across the curriculum.

• Run Graduate education programs to prepare students for interdisciplinary engineering research and advanced problem solving with focus on career advancement.

• Provide an atmosphere to facilitate personal commitment to the educational success of students in an environment that values diversity and community.

• Inculcate a high regard for ethical principles and an understanding of human and environmental realities.

• Provide state-of-the-art facilities and effective delivery of high quality content by qualified faculty members to build the notion of lifelong learning.

• Conduct scholarly activities that create and transfer cutting-edge knowledge in the area of engineering and technology.

• Create a highly successful alumni base that contributes to global society.