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Examination Form Filling (MRSPTU)

Notice-cum-Circular for (MRSPTU students)

It is for the information of all (MRSPTU) students (Batch- 2016 & 2017) that examination forms for regular and reappear End Semester University Examinations, December-2019 will be filled online on the MRSSTU portal from the login IDs of HOD of the respective department as per the schedule given below.

Sr. No. Regular & Reappear Examination Duration to fill the online examination without late fee
1. 5th & 7th semester Regular  05-11-2019 to 11-11-2019
2. 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5thsem. Reappear


Procedure for filling the examination form:     

Regular examination forms:

The students are required to contact the department office to fill the examination forms. They are required to fill the regular examination form, get it printed and submit the same after affixing the passport size photograph and signing at the marked place to the respective official in the department.

Re-appear examination form:

To fill the re-appear examination form, the students are required to fill a proforma, available with the office clerk in the department and take a Bank challan form for depositing the examination fee. Then they have to deposit the requisite fee in Central Bank, Jyoti Sarup Maur, Fatehgarh Sahib. After depositing the fee the student shall visit the department to fill the re-appear examination form as per the schedule mentioned above.