Department of CSE, BBSBEC has organized a Workshop on Machine Learning” on 24 May , 2022. Mr. Anchal Singh(Software developer, Solaitaire Infosys) was the speaker of the event.   Mr. Anchal is a passionate machine learning expert of creating new software applications. Students of 6 th semester got tips during a workshop that covered real time insights by understanding the trends and patterns in the vast amount of data. Dr.Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa, Head & Professor,CSE told that the primary aim of he workshop is to help students to stand out and get hired faster. Dr. Lakhvir Singh , Principal, BBSBEC told that Students have to be industry ready. He shared that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the future scopes which are growing at enormous rate. Prof .Sandeep Kaur Dhanda,Training Coordinator,CSE presented the vote of thanks. Prof.Rupinder Kaur , Placement Coordinator, CSE was also present during the workshop.