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Three Day Workshop on Energy Auditing

A three day workshop on ENERGY AUDITING was inaugurated at BBSBEC . Workshop is being organised by collaborative efforts of college’s Electrical department, National power training institute (NPTI) and Northern Industries Textile Research Institute(NITRA). These workshops are part of series of workshops to be organised as per the MOU between the college and NPTI ,Nangal.

Speaking on the inaugural session of the occasion, head of the department Dr Gursewak Singh Brar said that in today’s scenario energy is required to be conserved and in this conservation everyone has to play a vital role. He also conveyed his regards to Mr. Vikas Sharma, BEE certified energy Auditor & Principal Scientific Officer NITRA , Mr Paurush Godhar , BEE certified energy Auditor & Junior Scientific Officer and Mr. Raj Kumar Saini ,Asst.Engg. BEE certified Energy Manager NITRA who will be the resource person for this 3 day workshop.He also thanked Er.C.R.Meena Principal NPTI Nangal and Prof B.S.Bhullar for his contributions in organising this seminar.

Asserting the need of conservation, Maj.Gen.Dr G.S.Lamba ,Principal of the college said that energy conservation is of prime importance these days and even in the college we have taken steps to make an efficient use of electrical energy which will also involve active participation from students too and in this process the students who have attended the workshop will indeed be the torch bearers. Around 100 students will be made aware of  energy conservation and will take part in hands on energy audit exercises.


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