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CSE Department – Notice Board

  • Six Months Training Group in Next Semester (2023)

This is for the information that 6C1 (Present status) Class will be going on training in their 7th semester. Mentors of 6C1 are required to inform their mentees .

Training form is available on the college website along with the instructions of 6 Months Training.The duly filled form must be printed on A4 Royal Executive Bond Paper (with colored printing). Hand written information in the form will not be accepted; hence students have to fill up the form electronically.

Following is the Link-

Soft copy of the training manual is provided on the below link.

  • Tutorial and Practical Groups of BCA 2nd semester (according to University Roll numbers)

Please find the attached Practical and Tutorial groups of BCA 2nd Semester students.

Tutorial Groups

Group Name Univ. Roll No.
BCA11 2200244-254,256,258-262, 264-276,2200277-281,283,284,286-291,293,295
BCA12 2200296-300,302-311,2200312-333,343,474,605,606,658, 672,769

Practical Groups

BCA11 2200244-254,256,258-262, 264-276
BCA12 2200277-281,283,284,286-291,293,295-300,302-311
BCA12 2200312-333,343,474,605,606,658,672,769