A session was organized on 5th Feb. 2018, by Bentley’s for Civil Engineeringstudents at BBSBEC campus. Two way conversation session was organized for a duration of 75 minutes in which students from 2nd, 3rd& final year participated.In this session MrRominder Singh Bedi along with his team mates discussed the role of various software’s and their use in different fields as a Civil Engineer. During the session they covered thesalient features of Bentley’s Academic Program consisting of Structural Engineering through STAAD, Transportation through MX Road and Environment through Water GEMS and Sewer GEMS Software. They discussed the projects already taken and executed using all these software’s and the practical problems faced by them. During the session the students made queries regarding their future prospects and the Bentley team responded them satisfactorily. So overall it was a quite helpful session for the future engineers to be and it will definitely help them to deal with software related problems easily. In future also we will recommend such programmes should take place after certain intervals to add on to the theoretical knowledge of students.

Prof Guljit Singh, Prof Rakhjinder Singh and Prof Jagmohan Singh visited on number of sites to check and examine the students on training in Chandigarh, Mohali, Kharar, Patiala and Ludhiana regions from 28-9-2017 to 10-10-2017.


Taking a step towards the accomplishment of the vision of the institute to produce industry fit engineers, department of Civil Engineering organized a seminar on Project Planning and Management using ORACLE PRIMAVERA Software. As per the directions of the Principal of the college Maj. Gen. (Dr) G.S. Lamba (VSM), to equip the students of the Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering college with the knowledge of latest software tools being used in the industry during the execution of big infrastructure projects, a team of project management professionals from the Synergy school of Business Skills, Chennai interacted with the pre-final and final year students of the institute.

Program started with the introduction to the key speaker,  S. Sudha (National Manager – Synergy school of Business Skills, Chennai) by Prof. Narinderpal Singh Deo (head, department of civil engineering). During her address to the students, S. Sudha made the students aware about the concept and need of the project management skills to complete any project within the deadline. She said that, with the increase in competition in the industry, it is imperative for all competitors to keep on introducing new and improved products in the market more frequently for retaining their customer share. Such outcome is not possible without the help of project planning and management tools. She further said that PRIMAVEAR by ORACLE is the only project management software available in the market today which can work with cloud computing technology. She said India needs 4 lac project management professionals every year till 2021 to provide the skilled manpower for Government of India initiatives like Digital India, Smart city projects etc. Mr. Chirag Garg (Regional Business Development Manager – Synergy school of Business Skills, New Delhi) and Er. Jasmeet Singh (Centre manager – Synergy school of Business Skills, Sector 34 Chandigarh) also interacted with the students and made them aware about fast growth opportunities for project management professionals.

Seminar closed with the vote of thanks by Prof. Narinderpal Singh Deo followed by presentation of memento to key speaker S Sudha by Dr. Jaspreet Singh Oberoi (Head, training and placement department). Dr. Lakhwinder Singh (Dean Academics), Dr. APS Sethi (Dean, Student affairs), Dr. Lakhvir Singh (Head, Mech Engg Deptt.) and  Dr. Gursevak Singh Brar (Head, Electrical Engg Deptt.) also participated in the seminar.



Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engg college celebrated the Sikh Environment Day by organizing several activities related to saving the environment. This day marks the New Year in the Sikh Nanakshahi calendar and also the Gurgaddi divas of Guru Har Rai Ji, who is remembered in Sikh history for his deep sensitivity to nature and its preservation. S Ravneet Pal Singh (Project Manager India, USA based EcoSikh organization was the chief guest in today’s function.

S. Amarinder Singh Libra (secretary Bbsbec Education Trust) and S. Karnail Singh Panjoli (Member, SGPC & BBSBEC Education Trust) also graced the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal of the college Maj. Gen. (Dr) G.S. Lamba said that the teachings given by Guru Har Rai Ji about the environment are the basic tenets by which ecological balance around earth can be maintained. S. Ravneet Pal Singh in his address said that all around the world today, Sikh environment day is celebrated to commemorate the teachings given by seventh Guru Har Rai Ji, whose love for the environment by maintaining Nulakha Garden at Kiratpur Sahib became the motivation for preserving the ecosystem and being a Sikh it is our duty to take care of our environment. He said it is possible to survive without water and food for few days, but survival without breathing is not possible beyond few seconds, so we must plant as many trees as possible to keep the air surrounding us fit for breathing.

Prof. Narinder Pal Singh Deo, HOD, Civil engg. Department and convener of the event talked about some glaring facts about the sorry state of our ecosystem and said that the event has been planned keeping in mind the utmost importance of clean environment in human life and the need to conserve it. He said that everybody must contribute to save the environment and make sure we left behind better environment for our future generations. He elaborated the activities being conducted by the BBSBEC Eco Club today to spread the message of saving the environment viz. vehicle free campus, tree plantation, poster making on environment related issues, taking out environment awareness rally and putting water pots for birds on trees in the campus.

During this event more than 100 students participated in the poster making competition, around 400-500 students took out the environment awareness walk around the campus along with cleanliness drive. Around 30 water pots were hanged from the trees for birds along with tree plantation in the campus.

While presenting the vote of thanks he thanked the sponsors VIGAAS Foundation Ludhiana, Vatika resorts Shogi Shimla, Cedar Heights Chail and Brightway agencies Chandigarh for their financial support. He expressed his sincere thanks to the management of the institute and college Principal for their encouragement and guidance while organizing this event. He said maximum credit for the success of this event goes to the faculty/staff members and student volunteers of BBSBEC Eco Club who put their whole hearted efforts even during weekend holidays to take care of the preparations of today’s events. He also thanked the persons from the print and electronic media, who contributed for further spreading the message of Guru Har Rai Ji by covering all the events conducted by our institute during this program.


ESDST 2017 @ Civil Engineering Department

Papers related to track IV of the ESDST 2017 were presented in the department of civil engineering. On day 1, technical session was chaired by Dr. Jaspal Singh, chief engineer, PAU Ludhiana. He delivered keynote lecture on ‘Mechanical properties and hydration of copper slag blended cement concrete’. He also interacted with audience informally through a multi-media motivational story and encouraged the session participants to practice the habit of appreciating the strengths of your peers and working for the growth of the system in which we work by combining the positive qualities of all stakeholders rather than discouraging others by pointing to their week points. Working together by appreciating positive qualities of all concerned can lead to a winning situation for all. Five authors presented papers during the technical session. Technical session on day 2 was chaired by Dr. V. S. Batra (Professor retired, TU, Patiala). He shared the important experiences of his life as a teacher and researcher and discussed the altitude required to accomplish your life goals. He took many career related questions from the students and answered to the best of his knowledge and experience. Certificates were given to all the authors in the end of the session.

District Science exhibition

As part of shortlisting the students for 45thStatelevel science exhibition; 2-day science exhibition for the district FatehgarhSahib was organized in the department of civil engineering on November 10-11, 2016. The objective of hosting the science exhibition was to showcase a class infrastructure of our institute to the bright students from various schools of the district Fatehgarh Sahib. At the time of inauguration Principal Dr. G. S. Lamba, VSM welcomed and addressed the Principals, headmasters and teachers from various schools participation in the event. Principal informed the audience about the various initiatives taken by the Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering college to ensure technical competence and personality development of its students. He also put light on the new venture of the Baba Banda Singh Bahadur education trust by setting up Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Armed Forces Preparatory Academy.

Main theme of the exhibition wasrole of Science, Technology and Mathematics for nation building. The main theme was further sub divided into 6 sub themes for the convenience of holding completions among winning teams from all blocks of district Fatehgarh-Sahib as given below:

  • Health
  • Industry
  • Transport & communication
  • Innovation in renewable resources for sustainable environment
  • Innovation in food production & security
  • Mathematical solutions in everyday life



Department of Civil Engineering of BBSBEC,Fatehgarh Sahib organized an Industrial visit of 7th Sem students on 19th September, 2016. This Visit was designed to impart knowledge to students regarding advancement in concrete technology. A total of 12 students was accompanied by Prof Jagmohan Singh.
Objective of the Industrial visit

  • Field work training
  • Enrich student’s knowledge
  • Focus on recent advancement in material
  • Create job Opportunities

Students were taken to the ACC Cement Concrete batching plant Mohali Punjab. The site engineer explained various tasks performed to get the concrete ready for casting. Students were happy to know the procedure for preparation of concrete with advance technologies.Prof.Narinderpal Singh Deo H.O.D Civil engineering department knows the value of such visit so he is always eager to arrange such visit for the students and keep on encouraging the students to participate in such activities.



Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge to solving problems in the real world. Engineering enables the understanding of physics chemistry biology to come to life through problem solving, designing and building things. Engineers are problem solvers, organisers, communicators, calculators and designers. These skills rely heavily on rational thinking and logical decision making. Engineering is a highly creative activity, especially when complicated problems are involved. The modern Engineer is also very software dependable and can use a range of different computing programs to assist in verifying designs and predicting how structures will behave in the actual environment conditions.

So engineering is practicing the art of the organized forcing of technological change.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur engineering college organised ENGINEERS DAY to create a platform shaping the ideas which were in the mind of students to designing. On this occasion respected principal sir heads and deans were present. Principal Sir encouraged the students to think new ideas and to participate in such activities which will shape practical ground to their ideas. All teachers congratulate the students for organising such a function.


Survey camp has been organized by the department of Civil engineering at Shogi (Himachal Pradesh) from 26th June to 15th July 2016 for the purpose of providing practical knowledge and fulfilling the requirement of 5th semester syllabus. Shogi is a small suburb of Shimla Pradesh. It is an ideal tourist destination situated 13 kms before Shimla on the national highway number 22 at a height of more than 5700 ft.

Working in actual field conditions enhances student’s theoretical and practical knowledge and increases their confidence that will be beneficial to their professional practice in the near future. They also learned the leadership qualities and team work skills. The camp groomed students to emerge as leader in various fields.

A total No of 128 students were divided into two groups. The 10 days camp was splitted into two phases first 7 days comprises of field work and the left were used for calculations and viva on the camp.

Instruments Used:-

  • Chaining and Measuring Tape
  • Compass (prismatic)
  • Theodolite (transit)
  • Auto Level
  • Levelling Staff
  • Plane table and all its accessories
  • Ranging rods
  • Total Station

Traversing method was used for surveying the selected site. A five sided traverse was planned. Students were allotted different stations for survey work. Following was the procedure followed by both groups.

  1. The students carried out traversing work to determine the length of different sides of traverse with the help of chain.
  2. Then the whole circle bearing of line and angles were found out.
  3. Coordinates of each side were also determined by formulas, Latitude= L×cosθ and Departure= L×sinθ (where L is the length of the side and θ is the angle which the side makes with North or South directions).
  4. Reduced level of each station was determined with reference to permanent benchmark. Then RL of different points keeping specified spacing between them with reference to each station was determined.
  5. The points having same RL were joined to form contour lines and thus topographic map of an area was prepared with the help of plane table survey.

The day wise working schedule was provided to the students by the faculty members from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After 5.00 pm students were taken for out to the main market of Shogi. A leisure/ Educational trip on last day was organized. Students were taken to see Shimla, Naldhera, kufri. At last closing ceremony of the camp was done where all the students were addressed and encouraged by the camp in charge.

Industrial Visit to ACC Plant

Department of Civil Engineering of BBSBEC, Fatehgarh Sahib organized a Industrial visit on 5 February, 2016. This Visit was designed to impart knowledge to students regarding advancment in concrete technology. A total of 45 students was accompanied by Prof Rakhjinder Singh and Lab Technician Balwinder Singh.
Objective of the Industrial visit

  • Field work training
  • Enrich student’s knowledge
  • Focus on recent advancement in material
  • Create job Opportunities

Worthy principal Major General (Dr.) G.S. Lamba knows the importance of such Industrial visits for the academic growth, so they go along with the idea of N.P Singh Deo HOD Civil Engineering Department and give permission to go for a Industrial visit of ACC Plant, Mohali.

BRICK Society Event

The B.R.I.C.K (BBSBEC ROYAL ICONS OF CONSTRUCTION KINGDOM) Society organized a 2-Day event on 29th Sepetember, 2015. The aim of the event was to check the student ideas, innovation and creativity in technical events. More than 150 students participated in this event. Various competitions such as Bridge The Gap, Float The Boat and Aptiwar were part of this 2-Day Event. Students participated in these events with full zeal and enthusiasm.


Expert Lecture

An expert lecture was scheduled on August 7, 2015 by Civil Engg. Deptt., BBSBEC, and Fatehgarh Sahib. The objective of this lecture was to make industry fit engineers according to present need instead of having only academic strong civil engineers with high percentile. The lecture started with the welcome speech by our worthy HOD sir Prof. N.P. Singh in the college auditorium. He briefly introduced the speaker of the day, Mr Japjeet Singh from ACC cement industry, which is one of largest cement manufacturing company. The lecture was the true collection of various latest techniques which are used in construction these days. The speaker with the help of videos and power point presentation explained each and every technique very deeply. The students showed keen interest in this lecture and asked number of queries which were clearly explained by the expert. Our honorable Principle Major Gen. Dr G. S. Lamba was also present during the lecture. He addressed the session by his motivational speech and also committed the students for more industrial trips for field visits in the near future. In the end our hod sir delivered the concluding speech by thanking the expert and principal sir for their valuable words and presence. Overall it was a great experience both by the students and faculty of civil engineering deptt. by attending such a knowledgeable lecture.


Bhagat Singh’s Birthday Celebrations

On the eve of birthday of Sardar Bhagat Singh on 28th September the Department of Civil engineering celebrated the day by giving a message of patriotism to the students. Students served sweets and snacks to everyone in the campus. The Slogans given by Bhagat singh were distributed in the form of printed matter student.

Survey Camp

As a part of syllabus for 5th semester for Civil Engineering, Survey camp has been organized by the department of Civil engineering at Shogi (Himachal Pradesh) from 18th june to 8th july . Shogi in a small suburb of Shimla Himachal Pradesh. It is an ideal tourist destination situated 13 kms before Shimla on the national highway number 22 at a height of more than 5700 ft.
Students learned and applied the theoretical knowledge to the practical work. They also learned the leadership qualities and team work skills. The camp groomed students to emerge as leader in various fields.A No. of 139 students were divided into two groups. The 10 days camp is divided into two phases first 5 days comprises of field work and the left are used for calculations and viva on the camp site. The day wise schedule was provided to the students and faculty coordinators from 9:00 4:30 p.m. After 5.00 pm students were taken for out to the main market of Shogi, on the way various structures were shown to them and different methods of construction of those were also discussed.
At last closing ceremony of Survey camp was done where all the students were addressed and encouraged by Prof. Simran Preet Singh.


Chandigarh University Gharauan

CIVIL ENGINEERING students bring proud to the department!!

Sixth semester students of our department asper the details given below, participated in the

1. Barjinder Singh Johal
2. Deepnayan Singh
3. Harjit Singh
4. Harpreet Singh

BRIDGING THE GAP” event during thetech fest “TECHINVENT-2016”organized by the Chandigarh University Gharaun on 18-19 March, 2016 and won 2nd position.

Total 11 teams registered for this event, but only 7 teams were present at the time of competition. Out of these 7 teams our college got 2ndposition based on the winning criteria. The university provided the appreciation certificates along with aprize of Rs. 5000/-.