Affiliated to I.K.G PTU, Jalandhar

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Fluid Mechanics Lab

The objective of this laboratory is to determine the various parameters related to fluid flow in pipes and in open channels. At present it is equipped with hydraulic benches & various stand-alone equipment to carry out experiments like determination of metacentric height of a floating vessel, verification of the Bernoulli’s energy equation, study of transition from laminar to turbulent flow, determination of velocity profile for pipeline flow, determination of coefficient of discharge for obstruction flow meter(venturimeter/orifice meter), determination of discharge coefficient  for various notches, determination of hydraulic coefficients for flow through an orifice, determination of friction coefficient for pipes of various diameters and calculation of minor head losses in pipes. The laboratory also houses sub sonic wind tunnel fitted with necessary instruments to measure lift & drag forces and pressure distribution during the flow over aerofoils & other objects. A specially designed boundary layer apparatus is also available to study the development of laminar and turbulent boundary layers. The laboratory also houses facilities for carrying out the study of flow over various objects in sub sonic wind tunnel, open channel  and boundary layer analysis.

S.NO Name of Equipment Purpose of Equipment
1 Hydraulic Bench To conduct the experiment of hydraulic bench, with separate experiential set ups i.e. Hydrostatic Pressure, Flow over Weirs,Bernoulli’s Theorem, Flow meter Demonstration.
2 Bernoulli’s theorem apparatus To study the flow through a variable area duct and verify Bernoulli’s energy equation.
3 Venturimeter & orifice meter apparatus To determine the coefficient of discharge for an obstruction flow meter.
4 Flow over notch apparatus  To determine the discharge coefficient for a Vee notch or rectangular notch.
5 Flow through orifice and mouth piece apparatus To determine the hydraulic coefficients for flow through an orifice.
6 Losses due to friction in pipe apparatus To determine the friction coefficient for pipes of different diameter.
7 Head Loss in pipi fitting due to vavles and bonds, sudden enlargement & contraction apparatus To determine the head loss in a pipe line due to sudden expansion / sudden contraction/ bend.
8 Pitot Tube apparatus To determine the velocity distribution for pipe line flow with a pitot static probe.
9 Reynolds number Demonstrat apparatus To determine the Reynold’s Number.
10 Metacentric Height apparatus To determine the meta-centric height of a floating vessel under loaded and unloaded conditions.
11 Wind tunnel apparatus To study the effects of air moving past solid objects.
12 Flow over Broad Crested Weir apparatus To determine the coefficient of discharge for Broad crested weir.
13 Boundary Layer Apparatus To determine Boundary Layer parameters.