Mission & Vision


The department endeavour to be acknowledged internationally for outstanding education and research to fulfil the needs of society at large. Our vision is to become a centre of excellence in providing the technical education, research & consultancy in the emerging area of Civil engineering.


To impart quality education to the students of Civil engineering to excel in their lives and livelihood.

To develop professional potential for society.

To develop state-of-the-art research facilities for stakeholders to excel in globally competitive world.

To develop associations with R&D organizations, industries and educational institutes for eminence research, consultancy and teaching.



PEO 1: To teach with the motive to instill key concepts of all courses being taught along with exposure to live projects, so that students develop strong foundation of knowledge to rely upon while working with problems in their professional life.

PEO 2: To impart sufficient knowledge of CAD, structural analysis, estimation & costing and project management software, so that students have self-confidence while working with any software tool as per the requirement of their job profile.

PEO 3: To inculcate learning attitude in civil engineering students, so that they continue to update their knowledge about the latest trends/technology relevant to their area of specialization for sustainable and eco-sensitive infrastructure development.



 PSO 1: Graduating civil engineers will be able to understand and analyze the problem at hand and will make use of problem solving skills mastered during the under graduation study by using appropriate techniques for effective and efficient solution of the problem in whatever field of civil engineering they will work.

PSO 2: Graduating civil engineers will apply with confidence the appropriate software tools for speedy, accurate and effective solutions of the design problems and will also make best use of the available infrastructure and human resources to ensure the on time delivery of the projects by implementing latest project management techniques.

PSO 3: Graduating civil engineers would endeavor to find solution of all infrastructure projects with due consideration for applicable bylaws, codes, health & environment constraints so as to contribute for the betterment of quality of life.