Notice Board

It is for the information of all students of 4th semester that their survey camp has been arranged in a resort near Shimla. It has been decided that students will be divided in two groups (4CE1 & 4CE2). Each group will attend the survey camp of 10 days. Students are requested to contact the teachers assigned below for depositing their transportation and security charges of Rs 1500/- (Excluding the hotel charges) and declaration form (to be collected from Ms Cheema Sharma (SOM Lab) and submission to assigned teachers after signatures from parents). The stay and food charges of Rs 600/- for one student/day i.e. Rs 6000/- for ten days, will be deposited by the student at the camp site directly to the resort authorities at the time of reporting at the camp. The students who will not deposit the stay and food charges at the time of arrival will be suspended from the survey camp and deported back to the college. The final dates for the survey camp will be decided soon.

Prof. N P Singh Deo
Head, Department of Civil Engineering