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Course Material

S.no Subject code Subject Name Presentations Question Bank
1 MBA101-18 Foundation of Management  Click Here  Click Here
2 MBA102-18 Managerial Economics  Click Here  Click Here
3 MBA104-18 Accounting for Management and reporting  Click Here Click Here
4 MBA105-18 Business environment and Economy  Click Here  Click Here
5 MBA106-18 Business Ethics and CSR  Click Here  Click Here
6 MBA107-18 Business Communication for managerial Effectiveness  Click Here  Click Here
7 MBA202-18 Legal environment for business  Click Here  Click Here
8 MBA203-18 Marketing Management  Click Here  Click Here
9 MBA204-18 Human resource Management  Click Here  Click Here
10 MBA205-18 Production and operations management  Click Here  Click Here
11 MBA206-18 Corporate finance and Indian financial system  Click Here  Click Here
12 MBA207-18 Entrepreneurship and project management  Click Here  Click Here
13 MBA 301-18 Organizational behavior and design  Click Here  Click Here
14 MBA 302-18 Marketing research  Click Here  Click Here
15 MBA 931-18 Organisational change and development  Click Here  Click Here
16 MBA 932-18 Employee relations  Click Here  Click Here
17 MBA911-18 Investment analysis and portfolio Management  Click Here  Click Here



MBA912-18 Management of financial services  Click Here  Click Here
19 MBA921-18 Consumer behavior  Click Here  Click Here
20 MBA922-18 Services Marketing  Click Here  Click Here
21 MBAD1-417 Strategic Management  Click Here  Click Here
22 MBAD1-418 Entrepreneurship and Managing Small Medium Businesses  Click Here  Click Here
23 MBAD1-476 International Finance  Click Here  Click Here
24 MBAD1-477 Investment Banking & Corporate Restructuring  Click Here  Click Here
25 MBAD1-478 Derivatives  Click Here  Click Here
26 MBAD1-479 Banking & Insurance Operations  Click Here  Click Here
27 MBAD1-480 International Human Resource Management  Click Here  Click Here
28 MBAD1-481 Organization Development  Click Here  Click Here
29 MBAD1-482 Industrial Relation & Labour Law  Click Here  Click Here
30 MBAD1-483 Leadership & People Management  Click Here  Click Here
31 MBAD1-484 Services Marketing  Click Here  Click Here
32 MBAD1-486 International Marketing  Click Here  Click Here